Women In The Wind ~Canadian Cougars Chapter

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We are a Chapter within the Women In the Wind and are looking to promote the Women In the Wind first and our Chapter second. We will be looking for members to join our Chapter which will uphold the Bylaws of the WITW, yet being a relaxed Chapter that is here to facilitate women getting out to ride together while promoting a positive image of women motorcyclists.

We are based out of Leduc and are looking to have members from the Millet, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Pigeon Lake, Thorsby and Beaumont area; but don't let that stop you from becoming a member if you live outside the areas listed above.

Our goal is to be a casual chapter who enjoys getting out during the riding season at least once a month and also maybe a couple times during the winter to just have some fun.

There is no drama with this chapter, we are here to support each other and get together when we can, but never look down on members whom may not be as active in the chapter because they are busy with their lives or live a fair distance away.

So if you are interested in more information you can email us 

directly at [email protected]

Membership Dues;

All membership dues are in USD and are to be submitted to International by the President of WITW Canadian Cougars Chapter, so please forward member applications to [email protected] 

$20.00 if collected March 21 ~ June 30th  (26.80 CDN)

$15.00 if collected July 1 ~ September 30   (20.10 CDN)

$10.00 if collected October 1 ~ December 31 (13.40 CDN)

$5.00 if collected January 1 ~ March 20 (6.70 CDN)

The dues are general estimates based on the exchange rate and will be updated every quarter (3months)